Book Review – Revenger

Imagine a book you read and loved in middle school, about an adventure with pirates, spaceships, treasure hunting… It is this kind of book. Oh, unless you count where the book will ACTUALLY end up. HolY SH****T. And W H Y did it end like that?? Where is the sequel??

No, seriously. I finished this book at a café and I had to keep myself from laughing out of complete shock and terror. Let me just tell you, don’t let DNF reviews and your first impression fool you about what this book is about.

The plot revolves around 17-year-old Fura Ness and her sister as they join a Scavenging crew to save their father’s fortune. But also, a truth deep in their hearts, to leave their dull home-sphere and explore the galaxy. But an old enemy of the Captain is lying in wait for them all…

Now, I loved this book. It may be because I haven’t read much steam-punk SciFi to compare this with, or just because I loved the storyline and the main character.

But I really liked the plot. Considering this is a Young Adult that includes space-pirates and the main character who is a girl who dreams of leaving her home and discovering other worlds, it may not sound so unique. But who cares? It’s great anyway.

In the beginning, it was a bit hard to understand quite a lot. So many tech-words, complicated world-building… that made it a bit hard to follow the story. But eventually, I started to learn. And God is that world mysterious and… well, no spoiler but, shocking. Except for the main storyline we follow after a certain… event, there are other strange things that Fura tumbles over on her journey, raising more questions with every new answer.

Fura herself I found really lovable. Probably because I will relate and love (and protect) every innocent cinnamon character who dreams of exploring the world. But her character development made me reshape the way I viewed her, in a positive way as well. But very different. The thing is, this story is told through her perspective in first person. Therefore, as the book progressed I started realizing that one need to read between the lines more and more. Because one shouldn’t blindly put their faith in the narrator.

There’s so much I want to talk about this book, but I can’t because I want to keep it as spoiler-free as possible. But URGH I need to have like a Book talk about this book.

But anyway,

You Should Read This Book If You –

  • Love adventure stories
  • Want to read a Y/A scifi/fantasy without any romance at all (!!!)
  • Doesn’t want a whiny main character (And I swear to god if I hear another Y/A heroine repeat “I’m a monster” I’m gonna throw the book out the window)
  • Friendship between the main lead and the “Alpha Bitch”
  • Sisters who would do anything for each other
  • Cringe at overdramatic expressions and overuse of metaphors
  • Want an actually kind of scary villain
  • Love character developments
  • Love when books take a very dark turn

You Should Not Read This Book If You –

  • Want romance
  • Don’t finish a book because it took you time to get into it
  • Love metaphors and “deep” language
  • Don’t like it when characters change too much
  • Find world-building easily tiresome
  • Want a LOT of battle scenes

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