Book Review – The Rook

Bildresultat för the rook daniel o'malley

” “- A few of us are going clubbing and I thought that if you weren’t busy, you might want to come.”
“Clubbing? Clubbing what?” asked Myfanwy.
“Do you mean self-defense?”
“What are you talking about?” asked the girl whose world did not consist primarily of supernatural security.
“What are you talking about?” asked the girl whose social life consisted primarily of occasionally going out to lunch and visiting sites filled with paranormal malevolence. “

Okay so long story short, I absolutely loved it. The story revolves around Myfanwy Thomas who’s a secret agent for a secret agency dealing with vampires, ghosts, dragons, belgians… sounds great? It doesn’t if you’ve got amnesia. 

Here are the reasons why I loved this book so much;

The Introduction. O’Malley throws us directly into the story, without making it confuse-confusing (does that make sense?). Because our main lead is just as confused as we are, so both the reader and the narrator is on the same page (ba-dum-tsss) when it starts. That makes it easy to follow and continue to do so throughout the entire story.

The Characters. I really came to like Myfawny and Thomas (they’re the same but not the same… you’ll get it) because she’s just such an entertaining main character and badass character, I can’t count a number of times I shrieked “YES GIRL!” (or a number of times I just wanted to wrap a blanket around her).
I really liked/loved other characters as well, all from her sassy secretary to the weird “Court” members and a villain with severe anger management issues.

The Plot. Like I said, the plot has a kick-ass start and I found myself just gobbling up the book. So this story is a “secret government agency that works to fight and hide all the supernatural events from the general public”, original? Nah, but what Daniel O’Malley makes of this setting is what makes it great. So much was happening all the time, even the letters from her past self (that may have been a bit of info-dump), were actually really great and I found myself having no problem with that at all. And let’s not forget the humor as well, but which comes in natural through our heroine, the narrator and unexpected events.

You Should Read This Book If You –

  • Don’t want a slow start and want a fast-paced read
  • Want a perfect amount of suspense and humor
  • Don’t care about romance (when there are so many other interesting things going on)
  • Want a great main character
  • Have a good taste in books

You Should Not Read This Book If You –

  • Want only romance
  • ???? Why would you not read it???
  • Have a bad taste in books
  • Have no sense of humor

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