Mistborn Trilogy Review

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Note that this, along with my other reviews, are spoiler free!

Now, seeing as I’m a huge Brandon Sanderson fan, yet have not reviewed any of his books, I think that it might be time to. So the first one will be the books that introduced me to his amazing works!

On the UK edition of the first book, The Final Empire, it says on the cover;

“What if the Dark Lord won?”

The story takes place a thousand years after said thing happening, and the people known as the Skaa live their lives oppressed by the Lord Ruler and his noblemen. But when one man decides to step up and take the fight, things start to change for real…

I finished this book in one day. I read it so intensely, that once I got up I almost fainted and dad had to help me lay down. That’s how good this book is.

This is a series about a group of rebels plotting to overthrow an evil ruler, but also the story after. What happens after you’ve won? Not to spoil anything for the next books, but most of them go like this –



With a unique and great cast of characters, page-turning suspense throughout the whole book and a huge amount of political intrigue, theological and moral questions, plot twists and turns, battle scenes which make your heart race, funny moments and heartbreaking moments. And an overall great setting which gives a constant sense of doom.

Here’s a break-down of why I love this book;

The Characters were all amazing. Sanderson took great care in creating them and planning for their character developments. We see their good sides and their bad. No one, not even the supporting characters, was left out in development and everyone was given an important role in the big scheme. The cast are the following;

  • Vin – A Skaa girl who has learned the hard way through life not to trust anyone. To keep quiet and be invisible. Little does she know that fate has other plans for her.
  • Kelsier – a former thief who’s hellbent on revenge. He’s the leader of the group of rebellious thieves, and he’s no longer willing to look at the small prices.
  • Dockson –  He’s the guy keeping track of the paper works. Kelsier’s right-hand man who is ready to overthrow an empire with him.
  • Marsh – Kelsier’s older brother with a lot more morality in him.
  • Breeze – another member of the band, Breeze is a good man who tries to act corrupt.
  • Hammond – the group’s physically strongest but no doubt the humblest. He also insists on making anything a philosophical question.
  • Clubs – the group’s realist (aka the one who is there to give negative comments)
  • Spook – Club’s nephew who pretty much no one can understand.
  • Sazed – a religious man (and a huge nerd about it) who acts as a spy and a religious converter.


And, of course, a dozen of other and future characters.

The Plot had not only a super cool premise but was executed so well. Sanderson kept us constantly on our toes, barely giving enough room to breathe before the next unexpected event. With these books you will understand why people call him the master of foreshadowing – the plot twists will just keep on blowing your mind.


The world-building and magic system, as we’re already talking about mind-blowing, is really worth mentioning. Sanderson really knows how to create a dystopian society and describe a dying world, shit during the last book I had never EVER felt so completely hopeless about the future of characters in a book (oh no now I’m scaring you if you haven’t read them I’m so sorry). Like, no matter what happens, most of the time you can see a small light, a way out if only they are lucky or skillful enough. But oh no, there is literary no way out.

but the Magic System has to be one of the most unique in Fantasy/SciFi novels. Basically, the magic system called Allomancy grants you special abilities if you consume metal. Awesome, right? And there’s this rule of consequence as well, of push and pull. Like every metal grants two types of powers, consequential to each other. One person, consuming one type of metal, might be able to pull metal towards him but another person is able to push on them. People with allomancy can only use on type allomancy power/magic, while Mistborns are people who can use all allomantic metals and powers.


So, You Should Definitely Read This Series If You;

  • You love High/Epic Fantasy
  • Want to love High Fantasy but find it hard to get into the worlds
  • Love when the story is both plot- and character-driven
  • Want a fucking badass female as protagonist (holy shit if you only knew all the stuff she does)
  • Love political intrigue
  • Love dystopian novels
  • Want a rich variety of characters
  • You’re ready to get emotionally invested…
  • Love depictions and analysis of what makes one a hero or a villain, and the depictions of anti-heroes
  • Need a step-by-step guide on how to overthrow a dictator or corrupt government. or God.
  • Love it when there seems to always be another secret…

You Should Not Read This Book If;

  • ????
  • You can’t stand Fantasy/SciFi

5 thoughts on “Mistborn Trilogy Review

  1. Excellent review! It definitely makes me want to start here with Sanderson’s works. Also this part made my laugh: “Need a step-by-step guide on how to overthrow a dictator or corrupt government.” We might need that information sooner then anyone could have wanted.

    Liked by 1 person

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