A Song & A Book #5

Today’s Song Is;

“The interim of life has got you tiptoed and pinning all your hopes on the top dog of dreams
You’re not alone in this
The pollyfilla way looks strong in the weakness of the gaps

Things are not always, things are not always how they seem
They don’t turn out always, don’t quite turn out always how we think
Will we be ready (will we be ready?)”

Ah this is one of my absolute favorite songs (have listened to it for like 2 years and never get tired of it), it start of so calm and become so epic, I love both the lyrics and the music (Imogen Heap is a musical genius). So Of course I had to pick an equally epic book and author (which the song fits in with):

The Book I Picked For This Song Is;

Bildresultat för Word Of Radiance Brandon Sanderson

(Or, well, the whole series)

“The Knights Radiant must stand again.

The ancient oaths have at last been spoken; the spren return. Men seek that which was lost. I fear the struggle will destroy them.

It is the nature of the magic. A broken soul has cracks into which something else can be fit.  Surgebindings, the powers of creation themselves.  They can brace a broken soul; but they can also widen its fissures.”



5 thoughts on “A Song & A Book #5

    1. You REALLY should. But I understand, those books are better to read after you’ve read some of his other work before so that you know you can trust him, for they may take some time to get into. But then, wow. Most people (including me ofc) after reading the books aren’t able to pick up fantasy books for a while. I felt like nothing would ever be able to satisfy me as good again haha.

      Oh Imogen Heap is just fantastic (but sadly not so known). She’s the one that has made “Hide and Seek” (mm whatcha saaay)!

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      1. I am looking forward to giving the Stormlight Archive audio book another go. If it ruins fantasy for you for a while then I am glad I also review sci fi and horror 😛 you seem as passionate about Sanderson books as I am about Bernard Cornwell’s ‘Sharpe’ series. It’s great to see in a person 🙂

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      2. Sharpe is a historical fiction series. It is 21 books long and follows Richard Sharpe as he works his way up through the ranks in Wellington’s army. It covers the wars in India and the entire Napoleonic war. Was a tv movie series starring Sean Bean back in the 90s. Seriously in love with the books. He’s such a rogue 🙂

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