Book Review – The Bands Of Mourning (Mistborn #6)

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Note this review is spoiler free.

Okay if you expect me to give anything but praise for this book, you better hold a gun to Sanderson’s temple and threaten to kill him before he’s finished all cosmere books.

No but seriously, this book was just so fantastic and I really can’t believe after twelve books, I am still so amazed by Sanderson’s writing.

To describe my feelings from this book, I will use a very accurate gif;

(after reading, you’ll know what is Deadpool and what is the Hulk)

The storyline – damn. Through this book I could rarely guess where the plot was going, but not only that. There are a lot of moments when we get character depths, all from a chapter with Wayne’s mini-adventure to a small conversation or gesture between two others. I just love how so much is focused on their relationships with each other, from platonic and romantic relationships or good and bad elements in a relationship.

With Wax- Usually, when a character goes through a sort of “faith” struggle b/c of an event, I tend to be kinda… apathetic. As a reader, you automatically see it through a different perspective, therefore making it harder to relate, because you know that that was for the best. And it is because of that that I actually found myself quite surprised by how I much I could actually understand him. I can’t say I was 100% on his side, but I’m not lying when I say that, due to my own shock of the event that sparked this mistrust in him, I can understand. More than I thought I would. And when it is resolved? Damn was that emotional. But the fact that Wax is still up and fighting, even after losing his faith, speaks a lot of volume on his character. He wants to fight for what is right, he doesn’t just lay down and decide to leave everything to someone else.

And Wayne, what would we do without you? I just love that he is such an easy-going person that bring light wherever he goes, but at the same time actually has a deepness he rarely shows. We usually associate someone wise as someone who is realistic and serious et cetera, but Wayne demonstrates there’s wisdom to be found even in “light” things. But Wayne is such a wonderful and talented character, just like the other main leads.

And Marasi, Steris and MeLaan? The whole book (and the previous as well) I just thought


No but seriously sometimes it’s hard to remember that it’s a man that have written this series, and then you remember you shouldn’t be surprised. Sanderson just doesn’t discriminate on writing a believable, 3-dimensional character with depth based on gender.

Oh god I love Marasi so much. The fact that she went from the typical love interest to a deep and important character on her own is something I did not expect since the first book. She’s just so smart and head-strong, I love her narrative. Her struggles with being in Wax’s shadow is honestly one of the most interesting I’ve ever encountered, since it shows so much of her character from her personality, her character development and her relationship with others.

And the fact that she’s the only one without a real love interest in this book, despite being established as one in the first? WORK!
I’m willing to bet that Sanderson was watching like Indiana Jones with his “side-kick” girl becoming his love interest or something and were like “fUck it, I’m gonna write a story just to completely deconstruct this trope”.

MeLaan is just so hilarious and cool. Do you guys remember her introduction, having a burping contest with Wayne? MeLaan is a century old immortal that have no regards for your imposed gender roles. Changing to a man? Convenient. Joking about eating people? Well she can’t help you’re being sensitive.

And the fact that WE GET MORE STERIS, the queen, in this book, just gives it automatically an extra star. I just loved her from her first appearance, because damn does she leave an impression. Her “crazy prepared for everything” persona becomes a major help now and it’s just so amazing when authors puts importance on character traits. But I love that we also see another side of her, a woman that is prepared for everything yet intrigued when realizing that not everything is, well, ‘prepare-able’.

And Wax and Steris’ relationship? To be honest, I don’t think I can even think of a better ship. It’s just- it’s a perfect representation for a healthy relationship (supporting each others interests, communicating with each other, trusting…). Because of an unhealthy trend with “love and first sight” and “Romeo and Juliet” tropes (seriously do they even realize that that relationship isn’t supposed to be romantic?) and a lot of “love” tropes that actually just builds on lust and passion, not building a relationship together. I’m seriously ready to fight anyone that criticizes their relationship.

And since I don’t want to give anything away about the plot, I’m just gonna say that shit’s going down. During half the book I was just-

(in a positive way)

And the epilogue…

And so, you look up when the next book is coming out and realising it’s more than a year 🙂

No don’t worry I’m fine I’ll just sit here and wait for the next book in the Mistborn spin-off together with the next Stormlight Archive book.


You Should Read This Book If You;

  • Love Brandon Sanderson c’mon
  • Want a REAL page turner
  • Are ready to get shocked
  • Want amazingly written unique female characters
  • just a bunch of amazing characters
  • Love steam-punk
  • Love detective stories
  • Love steampunk and detective stories
  • Hate Insta Love


You Should Not Read This Book If You;

  • haven’t read the other Mistborn books duh



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