Book Review – Calamity (Reckoners #3)

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This review is spoiler free for all the books!



Wow. Okay. This is the third and last (? let me live in denial ok) instalment in the Reckoners trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. The books follow the teenager David in a world were so called Epics rule, people with superpowers. David joins a group of rebels called The Reckoners who are intent on fighting back.

You thought we’ve all had enough of YA dystopian novels? Then you haven’t read this series. This is, no doubt, my all time favourite dystopian setting. Supervillains rule? Evil superman? A city completely made of steel and another of salt? New York as the new Venedig? And not to mention all the super cool superpowers. As a fan of superpowers and supervillains, this worldbuilding actually gave me goosebumps.

Brandon Sanderson truly demonstrated with this book, as well as the previous ones, that he’s a master of writing action scenes. I can vision the scenes so clearly like I was watching a movie, and I constantly found myself holding my breath in suspense. I also found a lot of other scenes that I loved, some funny and some more serious. There’s even a “KNEEL” (*cough* Loki) – scene which was, to be honest, super cool and just gave off such a strong supervillain feel to the story. The main villain, Limelight, appeared much more than Steelheart did in the first book which is another big bonus point to the story.

And as expected of Sanderson, all the main -and supporting characters are unique, loveable (except you, villains) and are all given their own unique traits that make them more 3 dimensional. You can tell when an author have added a character just to fill a certain role, but that is not the case with Sanderson. Sure, they have roles to fulfil, but they’re so much more than that.

For our main hero, I really love David’s character development and how hopeful he is to make the world a better place. Like instead of the “reluctant” hero we’ve seen too often in dystopian novels, David actually takes it upon himself to make a change instead of sitting around and whine or just accept humanity’s fate. Also, he’s damn good at what he does.

After her character development in the second book, I came to really like Megan (I was not a big fan of her in the first book) and what she symbolises. The other members of the Reckoners team were, like I said before, really loveable and all unique and distinguishable. Though the only regret I really have of this book is that I would have loved to see the other team members play a much more important role in the end. I can’t help but feel that they could have provided more in the end, but they did provide during the whole story and events, so it’s not a complete loss on that.

And about Calamity? Damn. It is not okay to end a series like that Sanderson, now you definitely need to do a spin-off. I HATE it when a book ends with even more questions. It’s not bad ending mind you, just frustrating. But overall I LOVED this series, so give it a chance!

And hey,

Don’t forget that there’s literary a character that’s like

Through the entire book.

You Should Read This Book If You;

  • Are a big fan of Marvel/DC
  • Love (to hate) supervillains
  • Want cool and unique superpowers
  • LOVE action-packed (and well-written) scenes
  • Want a unique dystopian world (set in the US)
  • Love running gags
  • Want the characters to be distinguishable and have their own unique traits
  • Love a good “let’s ruin the villain’s plan”-story
  • Are bad at metaphors and similes
  • Are a self-proclaimed Scott
  • Want a fast-paced read

You Should Not Read This Book If You;

  • Get personally offended by bad metaphors or similes
  • Dislike superheroes/villains stories
  • Ok can’t think of anything else, give this book or series a chance

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