BTT – A Controversial Book

‘Sup! This week’s topic for Book Traveling Thursdays is a Controversial book, and to be honest I had quite a debate in my head about which to choose. But then I decided The Power by Naomi Alderman (I did A Song & A Book with this one, check it out here), it is far from my favourite book that could be considered controversial, but I chose it because this book is just impossible to read without having a constant debate in your head. I haven’t talked to anybody who’ve read this, but if I did, I don’t doubt a second that we would be in a heated discussion or debate about this.

The Power is a Sci-Fi novel where girls and women around the world start to receive a special power.

I did like this book,  but there were some things I just didn’t like about it as well. The thing I did not like was how the roles of men and women turned, so that women became dominant instead. The reason why I had a problem with this was because I hate how both women and men seem to believe that feminism is about women being dominant over men. No, it just about equal rights. Though that is definitley not shown as a good thing, so the novel could also be a sort of way to remind men how this is, for many women and girls, every day life. BUT it could also have the implication that if women got more power, they would dominate men. I respect and understand Alderman’s meaning and opinion, I really do. It’s just that I think I have a bit of a different opinion of how it should have been executed, but hell I could be dead wrong. Ugh guys this is what I’m talking about, I warn you, if you read this book your head is gonna hurt from reflecting on it.  But I did love the last sentence in this book.


The Covers;

There seem to be only two covers as it has not been translated into any other language (and I didn’t see it until I wrote the above statement so screw it I won’t change book now).

Bildresultat för the power naomi aldermanBildresultat för the power naomi alderman

I really love the covers, I have the one on the left (published by Viking) and I actually bought it for the cover. I was just looking through the bookshop, saw the red, simple yet dramatic cover, and said “you’re mine”.


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