T5W – Favourite Angsty Romances

Time for Top 5 Wednesday again! This weekly meme is hosted by Samantha and Lainey here. This week’s topic is our favourite angsty romances, which is pretty hard for me… Manely, because I usually don’t care much for romance and am not really a big fan of the angsty kind. But, I’ll give it a try!


5. Lester x Apollo from The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

Bildresultat för trials of apolloI am SO sorry guys but I had to add it. When Apollo turns into an acne-covered teen with “flaps”, the once beautiful god becomes utterly miserable (Even though that is the least of his problems). Through character development, he comes to face things he’s done that make him hate himself, which adds to the angst of the romance.




4. Megan x David from The Reckoners Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

Bildresultat för firefight brandon sandersonTo be honest, I didn’t really ship them in the first book. But in the second book, however, I felt that their relationship became so much more important and actually relevant to the plot. Considering the plot, there’s room for plenty of angst.

3. Lyra x William from His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

Bildresultat för his dark materials philip pullmanI haven’t read the last book yet, but I can’t help but feel that they’re gonna become canon. I really like them together so that’s great, plus, considering the ending of the second book and the upcoming events, angst is inescapable. I actually debated over which would take this place, this series or AnnabethxPercy from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but I don’t want to mention the same authors, and since I’ve mentioned Sanderson twice already I chose to go with this. But know still I haven’t forgotten them! But I just feel so angsty for Lyra and William right now so I had to put them on the list.


2. Vin x Elend from Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

Bildresultat för mistborn brandon sandersonThe moment Elend appeared saying, basically, “that’s my seat”, I shipped them. Although it was not even close to my main focus in the books, you cannot deny how cute they are together. And of course there’s room for plenty of angst. But it was in the end that you REALLY got angsty about them holy shit who can say that they did NOT cry?





1. The Couple from Tordyveln Flyger I Skymningen by Maria Gripe

6665689Right, so this is a Swedish book that, sadly, lacks English translation (though you can find it in Spanish and some other languages) but I HAD to add it because it is no doubt my favourite angsty romance. They are not present people in the novel, but all the events circle around their tragic romance. I read this in 7th grade when I really wasn’t into reading, I let my mum pick up a novel for class, and without warning, I was hooked. It’s just so magical, and I will never forget this book (god I have to re-read it soon…). It’s about how a 3 minutes late train changes the lives of three youths, about a mysterious lady that wants to play chess through the phone, a flower that seems to have its own life, mysterious whispers in a cassette and the mystery of an ancient Egyptian statue that disappeared. All these strange events lead the youths to a (really) angsty romance that took place a long time ago. If you know another language than English, I HIGHLY recommend you to look up and see if this novel comes in your language.


So these were my picks? Agree on any of them? Do you have your own favourite angsty romances? Then don’t forget to comment! x


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