Book Traveling Thursdays – A PoC Main Character


Time for Book Traveling Thursdays again! This weekly meme is hosted by Danielle and Cátia over at this Goodreads group. This week’s topic is, because of the International Elimination of Racial Discrimination day was a couple of days ago, a book with a main character that is PoC. Now, first I thought of Twelve Kings by Braadley Beaulieu because everyone is PoC, but feel like it’s been mentioned here so much now so am instead gonna go with;

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan! 

This series is largely underappreciated which is so sad! I love it, and have listened to the audio books 2-3 times already. The first book follows the siblings Carter and Sadie after their father “accidentally” summons the Egyptian god of evil. You know, the usual. This book series is focused on Egyptian mythology, the majority of the characters and all the gods are actually people of colour (I’m looking at you, Hollywood). The two siblings are bi-racial, where the brother took more from their father that’s black, and the sister took more from the mother that’s white. And already in like the first chapter Carter reveals the reason why he is always so well dressed – because people are gonna judge him harsher because of his skin colour. I think it’s so good of Riordan to take up these issues and talk about them, especially since this is aimed at kids.

The books deserves a much bigger fandom (I feel very lonely on tumblr), the characters are all great (the villains, Set and Setne (he’s from the last book) are among my favourite villains – they’re the biggest sassy assholes ever), Egyptian mythology is great and of course there’s a lot of great humour.

Original Cover + My Country’s;

7090447 23445931









Can you spot the difference? Nah, it’s the same – except for the font? But even the translation is exactly right.


My Favourite Covers;

12943397 12878441









Oh how I wish I spoke german or indonesian, so I could get my hands on one of these copies. Even though I do like the previous covers, these two look so much more dramatic. My favourite is probably the german cover (on the left), it’s very different from the other covers and so well done and detailed. And the thing I like about the indonesian cover is the dramatic view. Getting frog perspective with an enormous snake above you does tend to leave an impression.

My Least Favourite Covers;

25152622                                    9520195

Okay the russian cover just look plain bad. First, who doesn’t hate having characters on the cover? Espcially of those characters looks nothing like the ones in the book. White-washing both characters? Check. Photoshopped the cover from the Maze Runner movie? Check. And the one on the right, the alternative cover for The Red Pyramid , I just really don’t like. It looks badly photoshopped as well, I really can’t find anything redeeming about it, except that Carter isn’t white-washed so yay.

So these were my picks! ❤


5 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays – A PoC Main Character

  1. Ahh great pick! I love Egyptian mythology, so I think I should read this. The other books of Rick Riordan are sooooo intimidating, ugh. And that German cover looks really cool! I only know till A1 level of German, so yeah cannot help you there ^_^

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