A Song & A Book #28

Today’s Song Is;

Your former glories and all the stories
Dragged and washed with eager hands
But oh, your city lies in dust, my friend

And The Book I Chose For This Song Is;


“As a child, Rose Franklin made an astonishing discovery: a giant metallic hand, buried deep within the earth. As an adult, she’s dedicated her brilliant scientific career to solving the mystery that began that fateful day: Why was a titanic robot of unknown origin buried in pieces around the world? Years of investigation have produced intriguing answers—and even more perplexing questions. But the truth is closer than ever before when a second robot, more massive than the first, materializes and lashes out with deadly force.”


2 thoughts on “A Song & A Book #28

    1. Hiii I’ve missed you!!
      Yes it kind of is! But I really recommend you to listen to the audio books instead of reading, as they become a lot more exciting then (though the covers are so beautiful that it’s hard to not buy them…) ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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