Book Review – Raptor Red (Audio Book)

raptorredTitle: Raptor Red

Author: Robert T. Bakker

Narrator: Megan Gallagher

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

ISBN: 9780743545761

Three Word Description: Emotional, RAPTORS, best-audio-book


Okay, this is probably the best audio book I have ever listened to. In my previous review of the audio book of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy I talked about how much I loved it as an audio book, because of the comedy. But what makes this my favorite audio book is for the use of sound effects and music, perfectly accompanied with the story line. The above excerpt from the audio book is an example for how much more emotional a scene becomes by using music in the background. Why doesn’t ALL audio books use a soundtrack?? I will never be able to enjoy listening to a book as much as this one.

But what is the story about? The story follows a female Utahraptor, Raptor Red, in her struggles to survive. It’s a beautifully touching story, but also filled with intruige and very believable. Although it, of course, is not entirely a true-story, it’s still very believable because of the description of them as still wild dinosaurs. Not some disney-like animals that talks and acts like humans. No, these are vicious predators. But they’re also loving to their families.

What makes this story so great, except for the previous mentioning, is the characters. Did you love Blue in Jurassic World? Then this book is definitely for you. Strong female characters, that are dinosaurs. Determined, vicious, intelligent and loyal is some words to describe Raptor Red (adding ‘viciously aggresive’ to her sister). I got attached to Raptor Red after just a few minutes of listening, both feeling sentimental and awe-struck for her at the same time.

Also, this was the first time I felt heartbroken and so emotional for troubles with the love-interest in such a short time/the first book. 

And not to talk about the plot. The use of soundtrack and sound effects, like I mentioned, made things not only so much more emotional but the action was (probably) a hundred times more intense. If you like the ‘journey to a better land’, like Watership Down or The Land Before Time, you’ll definitely like this story. This audio book is also very short (only about 3 hours!) which makes it a really quick listening (and trust me, you wanna keep listening).

I can’t really find any faults. I just love this book so much, I only find the fault in myself for not discovering it sooner. I just finished Watership Down by Richard Adams before starting this book, and to be honest, I was a bit dissapointed. It was good (I do not deny the quality of the content), but I was expecting to get so much more emotional and affected by the story. I just ended up dragging myself through it the most. So I did not really expect much from Raptor Red. But oh no, this story following a Utahraptor was so much more emotional and enjoyable for me and I’m so happy for that.

So I would recommend everyone to listen to the audio book. Even if audio books may not be for you, I insist you must at least try. First, it’s short (only 3 hours) and it has sound effects (dinosaur roars! fighting!) and a soundtrack that will keep your interest and help to avoid your mind to wander. Listen, listen to it now. You won’t regret it.


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