T5W – Books As Event Themes

Hi guys how are you? Time for a Top 5 Wednesday again, with this week’s theme as “book as event themes” hosted on this Goodreads group. To be honest, it wasn’t so hard to pick out which books would serve best – I may have done my own little planning (in my head). Well, here we go;

5. The Reckoners trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

Bildresultat för Steelheart book

Imagine getting a card for a party where, about the theme, it says: “Villains have taken over! Dress up like you’re ready to defeat a super villain. Unless of course, you are the villain”. A modern superhero-supervillain theme will always make for a great party theme!

4. Shakespeare – theme

There are so many great ways one could use this theme. All from just being dressed in black caring a skull (“Alas, poor Yorick…”) to… well, pretty much any character, or prop. Could also make for some hilarious situations as Romeo gets drunk and starts hitting on Gertrude.

3. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Bildresultat för neverwhere neil gaimanImagine a party where everyone came looking like extravagant street beggars? Throwing an event where people would be required to dress up as if you lived in London Below would be awesome. Not to mention how the clothes would look…




2. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Bildresultat för the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxyYou could ever dress up super weird and say you came from some made-up planet, or you could dress up as some alien hitchhiker (complete with a towel), or pretty much anything. Why not a whale? A bowl of petunias?  Not to mention anything one as a host might make of the event in forms of props and drinks etc.



1. All Books set in Rick Riordan’s Universe of gods

As a huge fan, of course this would be my no. 1. But imagine what creative ways people could dress up as either demigods from camp half-blood, camp jupiter or hotel valhalla. Or maybe as a valkyrie or a hunter of artemis? Or why not a magician from the house of life, hosting a god? Then imagine all the creative drinks and food one could make. Sign me up.



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