A Song & A Book #42

Today’s Song Is;

Never was a cornflake girl
Thought that was a good solution
Rabbit, where’d you put the keys, girl?

And The Book I Chose For This Song Is;


“Faith Sunderly leads a double life. To most people, she is reliable, dull, trustworthy – a proper young lady who knows her place as inferior to men. But inside, Faith is full of questions and curiosity, and she cannot resist mysteries: an unattended envelope, an unlocked door. She knows secrets no one suspects her of knowing.”


6 thoughts on “A Song & A Book #42

    1. Oh hell yeah she is! I absoltely love this book, it’s this kind of ‘Coraline’-feeling in it (if you know what I mean). And I love the character development Faith goes through, plus the ending had this really important and amazing ‘morale’ to teach. ❤

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