Book Traveling Thursdays – A PoC Main Character


Time for Book Traveling Thursdays again! This weekly meme is hosted by Danielle and Cátia over at this Goodreads group. This week’s topic is, because of the International Elimination of Racial Discrimination day was a couple of days ago, a book with a main character that is PoC. Now, first I thought of Twelve Kings by Braadley Beaulieu because everyone is PoC, but feel like it’s been mentioned here so much now so am instead gonna go with;

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan! 

This series is largely underappreciated which is so sad! I love it, and have listened to the audio books 2-3 times already. The first book follows the siblings Carter and Sadie after their father “accidentally” summons the Egyptian god of evil. You know, the usual. This book series is focused on Egyptian mythology, the majority of the characters and all the gods are actually people of colour (I’m looking at you, Hollywood). The two siblings are bi-racial, where the brother took more from their father that’s black, and the sister took more from the mother that’s white. And already in like the first chapter Carter reveals the reason why he is always so well dressed – because people are gonna judge him harsher because of his skin colour. I think it’s so good of Riordan to take up these issues and talk about them, especially since this is aimed at kids.

The books deserves a much bigger fandom (I feel very lonely on tumblr), the characters are all great (the villains, Set and Setne (he’s from the last book) are among my favourite villains – they’re the biggest sassy assholes ever), Egyptian mythology is great and of course there’s a lot of great humour.

Original Cover + My Country’s;

7090447 23445931









Can you spot the difference? Nah, it’s the same – except for the font? But even the translation is exactly right.


My Favourite Covers;

12943397 12878441









Oh how I wish I spoke german or indonesian, so I could get my hands on one of these copies. Even though I do like the previous covers, these two look so much more dramatic. My favourite is probably the german cover (on the left), it’s very different from the other covers and so well done and detailed. And the thing I like about the indonesian cover is the dramatic view. Getting frog perspective with an enormous snake above you does tend to leave an impression.

My Least Favourite Covers;

25152622                                    9520195

Okay the russian cover just look plain bad. First, who doesn’t hate having characters on the cover? Espcially of those characters looks nothing like the ones in the book. White-washing both characters? Check. Photoshopped the cover from the Maze Runner movie? Check. And the one on the right, the alternative cover for The Red Pyramid , I just really don’t like. It looks badly photoshopped as well, I really can’t find anything redeeming about it, except that Carter isn’t white-washed so yay.

So these were my picks! ❤


BTT – A Controversial Book

‘Sup! This week’s topic for Book Traveling Thursdays is a Controversial book, and to be honest I had quite a debate in my head about which to choose. But then I decided The Power by Naomi Alderman (I did A Song & A Book with this one, check it out here), it is far from my favourite book that could be considered controversial, but I chose it because this book is just impossible to read without having a constant debate in your head. I haven’t talked to anybody who’ve read this, but if I did, I don’t doubt a second that we would be in a heated discussion or debate about this.

The Power is a Sci-Fi novel where girls and women around the world start to receive a special power.

I did like this book,  but there were some things I just didn’t like about it as well. The thing I did not like was how the roles of men and women turned, so that women became dominant instead. The reason why I had a problem with this was because I hate how both women and men seem to believe that feminism is about women being dominant over men. No, it just about equal rights. Though that is definitley not shown as a good thing, so the novel could also be a sort of way to remind men how this is, for many women and girls, every day life. BUT it could also have the implication that if women got more power, they would dominate men. I respect and understand Alderman’s meaning and opinion, I really do. It’s just that I think I have a bit of a different opinion of how it should have been executed, but hell I could be dead wrong. Ugh guys this is what I’m talking about, I warn you, if you read this book your head is gonna hurt from reflecting on it.  But I did love the last sentence in this book.


The Covers;

There seem to be only two covers as it has not been translated into any other language (and I didn’t see it until I wrote the above statement so screw it I won’t change book now).

Bildresultat för the power naomi aldermanBildresultat för the power naomi alderman

I really love the covers, I have the one on the left (published by Viking) and I actually bought it for the cover. I was just looking through the bookshop, saw the red, simple yet dramatic cover, and said “you’re mine”.

BTT – A Book With A Strong Female MC

All right, this is my first time doing Book Traveling Thursdays! The weekly meme is hosted here and basically talk about the original cover plus the cover from your country (if there is one) and your favourite covers and your least favourite covers.

This week’s theme is a book with a strong female main lead/character, and for this one I had to pick Caris from ‘World Without End’ by Ken Follett. Taking place 14th century England, ever since Caris was a little girl she questioned the conservative views of the church,  dreamed of becoming a doctor and doing great achievements. She constantly vocalises women’s rights and equality, about a need for change. She’s just such an amazing character, and I was rooting for her throughout the entire novel. She just does so many amazing things and has to constantly fight people that do anything to push her down. She even refuses to marry because that would mean she’d become to property of her husband.

The unfairness Caris faces because of her sex will make your blood boil, but she still keeps fighting. Though this book has one of the best “fed up” – scenes when she’s just had enough. Caris is no doubt one of the strongest and most inspiring female lead I can think of.

5064                                                                10575822

On the left is the original cover of the novel, and I really like it. It is simple, but has a fitting Medieval design on the sides. On the right is the Swedish cover, my home country and is honestly not on my list of favourite covers for this book. It just looks really lazy, and not at all appealing.

My Favourite Covers Are;

17163090 13595858 19731953

The first on the left is the Rrussian cover and the most unique and outstanding of all the editions I’ve seen. It does look a bit like some gothic horror story, but it’s still quite fitting. This is definitely a book I would pick up in a bookshop if I saw the cover. The next one is the Croatian and I really like the picture on the cover – it’s perhaps the most fitting for this book as well. The last one is just a new UK edition, but I picked it because that’s the edition I own and yeah it’s pretty 😀

My Least Favourite Covers Are;

6115327 10575822 19183966

Okay first on the left, I’m sorry Finland, we’re neighbours and it seems we seem to share the trait of doing bad book covers. The Finnish one is just a picture of the forest with a sketch of a knight awkwardly added in. The next is the Swedish and as you can see, almost as equally unappealing. The last one if another UK edition, and I added it because first of; I hate covers with real life people on them (who doesn’t?) second is because how inaccurate it is. Those two characters are NOT main characters (I don’t even know who that man is), in fac, Queen Isabella never appears in the book and her importance is only in the background. I watched the trailer for the mini-series and decided not to watch it because of how inaccurate it was to the book but also historically (can we PLEASE stop painting of Queen Isabella as a villain? She’s much more than that). I mean, that seemed like a ‘Percy Jackson movie’ inaccuracy. So the cover from the mini series just pisses me off.

So That was that! What did you think of the covers? Did you do this meme as well? Then comment!  🙂