A Song & A Book #1

Today’s Song is;

Playing God by Ana Johnsson

And the book I recommend with this song is:


Currently Reading

The Books I’m currently reading are (drawings by me);

  • Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett. goodomens3Let’s just give this strange but wonderful story a short summary; An angel and a demon misplace the antichrist.


  • Mansfield Park by Jane AustenmansfieldparkThe story of a girl who grows up with her rich cousins.

My first Jane Austen book! Heard this is very different from her other books, still, I really like this book. I’m listening to the audio book, which I think is the preferable method for this book (If I was reading it I would have probably had a harder time getting into it).


Who am I?

I’m a Swedish woman of 18 (19 in a couple of weeks) who love books. I can seriously talk about books for hours. Whatever you want to or not. My favorite genre is probably fantasy and Scifi, but I don’t like to limit myself to just one genre.

What I look for in books are simply;

  • Character developments
  • Relationships between characters, platonic or romantic. If romantic, love at first sight and romance taking up too much of the narrative, when there’s so much more going on, makes me pissed of. All kinds of romanticization of abusive relationships will make throw the book in the nearest bin.
  • World building (especially Fantasy/SciFi)
  • The writing. Either creative and unique writing style to fast-paced, page-turning writing. Overuse of metaphors will make me cringe.
  • And just how the book makes me feel.


So, since this is my first post I might as well explain what I’ll be posting on this blog. 

  • Book reviews. Note that I never give out a rating, I have a serious trust issue with rating systems (I’ll probably be ranting about a certain book that caused this.)
  • Book recommendations. I think about doing a “Book recommendations for…” and then recommend book(s) for… well, could be anyone or anything. All from book recommendations to different kind of clouds to Game Of Thrones characters.
  • TBR – Books I want to/plan on reading and why.
  • Currently reading – updates on what I currently read.
  • Maybe just thoughts, theories, and analysis of book(s) (plot, characters etc.)
  • Book tags – because they are so much fun. Will mostly take from Booktube and sometimes make my own.
  • Daily “A Song And A Book” – I will, daily, post a song and a book which I connected with the song (either the plot, or character(s) or something else which is connected to the book).
  • Will also post playlists for books I’ll make.


Please feel free to recommend me your books, share your thoughts or leave suggestions for music and books or “Book recommendations for…” 🙂 x